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React Native

The Mobile App Development Fraternity Reacts Positively to React Native

React Native is the next level of React which is a JavaScript code library developed by Facebook and Instagram. This was launched way back in 2013 on Github which was accepted with open arms. In fact, Native app denotes those apps that are created for a particular operating system. React Native enables developers to reuse code across the web and also on mobile. This makes task easier for app developers because they can reuse the code and forget about writing it all over again. This is a basic synopsis about React Native. Now comes the interesting part about how Facebook and Instagram use it.

Good News for Developers

The mobile app development industry is happy to embrace React Native and also happy about the fact that Facebook has released open source React Native for Android. This took place exactly 6 months after it was launched for iPhone on Github. iOS and Android have separate codebases and startups along with businesses which often struggle to hire affordable developers for both. Now, things have changed and companies can hire a single developer because he/she scan write a single code for multiple operating systems. Facebook has been using it since 2013 quite successfully.

Why Facebook Opted for Open Source?

Choosing open source for any organization is a well thought out decision. Maintaining secrecy regarding the infrastructure of a business has special advantages particularly when your patented technology is your business model. The irony is that with this secrecy, there comes an openness among the developers across the globe. They have pointed out the bugs without wasting any time and charging money. The fact that, Facebook has established open source projects has made it one of the most prestigious companies to work for. There is a perfect give and take in this situation- Facebook has built a large pool of talent while the developers are living up to a challenge.

It is saving time for Facebook as well because every developer they hire already know how to write in React Native. The development of Facebook has gained a legendary status and over the last decade it has scaled to serve 1 billion users all across the world. Also, it nurtures talent.

Facebook Writing React Native for Android- How?

Ads Manager is the first cross-platform app written in React Native which was developed by a London-based dev team. With the help of this app, those businesses advertising on social media will be able to create and manage their own accounts. When the developers initially set about creating this app, they had predicted issues with logic necessary to comprehend varying time zones, date formats and currencies. Even ad formats have problems all around the world. The business logic was written in JavaScript and the developers knew that it will not be efficient.

With the release of the project on Github, developers are utilizing single workflow to develop for both the platforms. This has made work easier as it enables developers to use the same editor and leverage it for both Android and iOS. In fact, popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Pinterest and LikedIn among others are using React code.

Problems with React Native

React Native, like any other code library also faces challenges. They are:

  • React Native does not function well for a single shared JavaScript codebase.
  • Developers trying to figure out the master code may refuse to accept Facebook’s unified archive.
  • It might clash with other business tools like Clouds particularly for Google.

Facebook has obviously progressed forward with the launch of open source. Though they faced initial hiccups, they are now in place. There are still certain challenges but they are all set to overcome them.


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