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Technological Innovations in Web Development Industry for 2017

Advanced technology surrounds us all the time and it is becoming powerful day by day. It is actually amazing to find any relevant information anytime. You can find anything on the go through the electronic device anytime. What more? The device simply fits inside your pocket. There are so many new things and advanced developments happening every day that one can’t help but marvel at them. 7 such trends will pervade through 2017 and it is wise to know about these trends so that they can be used to reach out to the target audience in innovative ways.

Physical-Digital Integrations

Mobile devices have made us dependent on technology by adding it to our daily lives. It’s rare to see anyone without a smartphone nowadays. It provides access to infinite information in the real-world. There are already functions like site-to-store purchasing, facilitating online customers to pick and buy products through a click of the mouse and sometimes a touch of the finger. But the next level will take it even further by integrating the physical and digital realities. Reputed online brands will launch more physical products, like Dash Buttons, whereas physical brands will begin having more digital features, like store maps and product trials.

Machine Learning

Machine learning has taken huge steps forward in the last few years, even emerging to aid in and enhance Google’s core search engine algorithm. However, it has only been seen in a restricted number of applications. Throughout 2017, machine learning updates have emerged across the board, becoming a part of almost any kind of consumer application, from offering better recommended products based on prior purchase history to slowly improving the user experience of an analytics app. Machine learning is becoming powerful and effective with users expecting this type of artificial intelligence as an element of every form of technology.

AR and VR

Examples for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology have been noticed in 2016. Oculus Rift was released which was received positively while millions of VR apps and games followed frequently. We also saw Pokémon Go, an AR game, explode with over 100 million downloads. The market is absolutely ready for AR and VR. Some early-stage devices and applications are already there, and this year things will really take off. Once they do, users will need to be ready for AR and VR versions of practically everything. This will translate into plenty of marketing opportunities.

Big Data Humanized

Big data has been the buzzword over the last few years. The concept is that mass quantities of collected data which we now have access to, can aid in everything from planning better tourism itineraries to executing better promotional campaigns. But big data’s biggest strength is its quantitative, numerical foundation which is also considered to be its weakness. 2017 will witness advancements to humanize big data, seeking more empathetic and qualitative bits of data and projecting it in a more visualized, and accessible way.


Marketers are happy to know that automation has become a bigger mainstay in 2017. Automation has released the load of human task. Automation will invade web development industry and also invade a number of white-collar jobs. Some jobs will also disappear with the onslaught of automation. Automation combined with machine learning will improve performance and will truly bear the mark of a true performer.

Everything On-Demand

Due to the presence of phone apps from certain bigger brands, people are becoming used to receiving everything on-demand. This trend will develop even further when millions of apps on the mobile phones will offer a host of services for the users.

IoT and Smart Home Tech

Internet-of-Things (IoT) is a revolution resulting from interconnectedness of smart home technology. Why isn’t everybody residing in smart homes now? Partially the problem is excessive competition, with not enough collaboration; there are several individual appliances and apps on the market. Few solutions to tie everything together into a single, seamless user experience is the objective. Now that bigger companies already well-versed in uniform user experiences are getting involved, it is expected that we will witness some major advancements on this front.

Anyone belonging to the tech industry is well aware of the fact that, making predictions for tech advancements is futility. Surprises will definitely come at every step. Some are intended and announced while others are not. However, it is still wise to be prepared for certain changes.


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