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Tangible Ways to Develop Great Content

Do not scratch your head or pull your hairs to develop good quality content. Every writer at some point of time writes bad content and then broods over that. However, the most important thing is to get over that and start writing again. As they say, ‘failure leads to success’, so also you can succeed if you continue working. Just remember 3 things to when you think that your content is not up to the mark:

· Detach yourself from your content

· Seek a professional’s help

· Be your own critic

Do not coax yourself into believing that you are good writer and neither thrash yourself into believing that you are bad. Every skill develops with time and yours will also take some time to bloom in its maturity. The vision and feel of your writing are totally intangible aspects. Do not measure your writing on the basis of that. However, thankfully there are some data driven methods to find out whether you really suck. Some of the methods are:

1. Stuffing Keywords- Most of the content writers are aware of this concept but does not follow it knowingly or unknowingly. If you really wish to annoy your readers, this is the best thing to be done. Placing keywords help but spamming does not. However, it can be fixed. Just get rid of your keyword obsession and search for longish ones and seamlessly integrate it into the write up.

2. Writing not Up to the Mark- For very long your writing has suffered but it is time to stop it now. Write well, forget about everything else and you will definitely command reader’s attention. In fact, this is a vital part of content management. The most essential thing about being a good writer is to be able to communicate your ideas and thoughts clearly to the readers. Fixing it must include reading on various writing styles.

3. Value Addition- If you cannot add any kind of value to the reader’s life, then there is no point writing content. Make it an interactive session, give something to the reader and he/she will come back again and again to your blog or website. To be able to create devoted followers, create some value.

4. Knowing Your Readers- knowing your readers and also creating value based content for them will protect your content from being a sucker. The aim or objective should be clear and people should know that you are writing for them. This is known as creating awareness for the readers. To fix it, find out the target audience after thorough research. Otherwise you will never click.

Finally, always remember that if your content sucks, you do not as an individual. It can suck for various reasons some of which are provided above. However, that should not bear hard on your self-esteem. Practice for long hours and you will be successful. Recognizing the reason behind is half the battle won. Do not be afraid of creating and recreating your impression. This is a trial and error process and you will learn on your way.


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