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Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL

Quick Fixes for Those Nominal Flaws of Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL

Smartphone getting introduced throughput the year is a common factor in this technologically updated world. Every time one device gets introduced, its capable competitors come floating around too. This is undoubtedly a blessing in disguise for some and even spoils them with choices.

Of late, incredible features and updated traits of Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL have done the same too. There are many writing about its excellence and brilliance. But, let’s make things conceptualized and focus on some of its flaws and its immediate remedial. By following such course you would definitely get guided to decide on whether to collect the same or not, that too, with confidence.

Combined with the finest hardware basics, this Smartphone is undoubtedly one of the best choices in this age and times. Even the design and outer appeal of this device is something to die for. No wonder, no compromise has been made to ensure that it gets stapled with flexible features in case of software through Pixel.

But, it is seen that failure in Google Assistant’s voice detection is one of the most unwanted fault. Complaints in this respect are getting increased and Google replacing the device is also playing around. An immediate rescuer in this context is to delete any application that uses the microphone is the best option. Moreover, switching on the loudspeaker and then turning it off, resetting the factory setting can be done to overcome such problem too.

Again, connectivity through Wi-Fi and overheating are two of the popular error that is going around in these two newest phones. Apt solution to which is to disable Bluetooth, updating the version to Android 7.0 Nougat and also by deleting caches for the former. As for the later, tips to lesser consumption of battery are undoubtedly the best way to avoid the same. If that doesn’t work, hitting “Force Stop” for some applications, etc., can be of true help.

Furthermore, Google’s exceptional idea to abide by a stable data connection has turned out to be a severe flaw. This has given rise to numerous complaints for irritable switching in between connection for the internet. In this respect, abiding by the Smart Network button is the best option. Grumbles regarding its battery life are common too and most suitable context is to utilize applications in a justified way.

Issues like avoiding blurry pictures can be done by keeping the device updated always. These are just to mention a few defects. But, come-on, which device doesn’t? Nexus is favored for its supreme performance. On being added with the brand name Google, Pixel is surely gong to serve you with exceptional experience, all over again.


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