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No Chance in Missing the Luster of Prisma Photo Editing Application 2

No Chance in Missing the Luster of Prisma Photo Editing Application

There is no chance of missing the awesomeness of Prisma, an exclusive photo-editing mobile application of recent times. Even if one does, chances are that he/she has witnessed the same through popular social media like: Facebook, Twitter, etc. Alexey Moiseenkov had brought forward the dynamisms of this application for iOS operating system which is also available at “Google Play Store” these days. Dream to abide-by the eye-catching charisma of Edvard Munk and Pablo Picasso style and genre has got awesomely fulfilled with it too.

From the days of introduction in this world, Prisma received:

  • For iOS
  • 5million installations
  • 55million daily active users
  • For Android
  • 7million downloads
  • 50 million image processions (on first week of opening)

Neural network and artificial intelligence (AI) of Prisma is completely user-friendly and has the capability to accomplish the trance of having an astounding art work. Appearance like a singer’s rhythmic lyrics or an artist’s creative inventions gets ably fulfilled with it. That is the reason why, it has secured a dominating place in the presence of competitive applications like: Instagram, and Pokémon Go.

20 artistic filters available in the store vows to gift users with a new and creative portrait every time. Some of which are:

  • Flame Flower
  • Roland
  • Red Head
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Curtain
  • Femme
  • Dreams
  • Tears
  • Mondrian
  • Van Gogh
  • Picasso
  • Levitan
  • Mononoke
  • Candy
  • Heisenberg and more.

Intruder of this attractive and appreciable application also confirmed that there would be 40 more filters enabling you to have a distinctly done image.

There are additional valuable factors that are going to be introduced:

  • 360 ° Prisma video
  • VR contents
  • Broadcasting real-time videos, etc.

Added with the guarantee to remain free of price at every single app-purchase store, Prisma is a true definition of exquisite artwork with advanced digital tool.


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