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Mobile App Development Services Taking Leverage of Google News Cards

The Google App is displaying “Trending News” for both Android and iOS platforms used by users. News is being displayed in the form of news cards for various Android and iOS users. The users have spotted it and are reporting on various social media platforms. The cards are the latest features on the Google app. The news cards are appearing above the regular set of news stories which usually appear when a user first opens the application or tap on the “G” button in the button center.

News Cards Adding More Value for Users

With the launch of this new feature, it is exciting time for mobile app development services. These features have opened up new doors for other mobile application developers. Introducing new and innovative features for a particular OS always gets more takers and increases brand value. In fact, these trending news cards are not only relevant for publishing the latest news, but also relevant for searching what is happening of late around the world. Users using these news cards are happy with the feature because they are being highly relevant for news search along with displaying the latest news on the mobile platform.

Ease of Use

Similar to all the stories appearing in the “Google Now” section of the G app, Trending Stories can also be dismissed by easily swiping them to the left of the screen. Moreover, users can also tap on the 3 dots appearing on the top-right of the screen and choose the option indicating you are “finished with these cards.” Tapping on a particular Trending News card will instantly conduct a Google search that helps you to find more information about that topic. Making it even easier and more accessible for the user is the feature that when the user taps on a particular news card, he/she will be directed to the story directly on the page.

Benefit of this Feature

The best thing about this entirely new feature is that users can find lot of news on the Google app regarding the latest happenings around the world. In fact, you can stay updated on whatever is happening around the world. This is a great thing because you will have only your phone to work on that. You will get all sorts of news from your phone. It has actually brought this entire world into your palm. This has also increased the feasibility of news and accessibility and has contributed increasing the credibility.

The news cards are flexible and they bring the highlights of latest news from the world. Not only that, they are providing the entire news article to the user when he/she is on the move. He/she is redirected to another website where the news has been published. You can go through the entire news and find the relevant information that you had wanted. This is adding more value to the user and thus users are happy to use this system. Users are getting more hooked onto their mobile phones which have now turned into smartphones.


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