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Low-Code Tools Making Mobile App Development Effortless for Pros

Low-code tools are becoming popular among mobile app developers because it is letting them build applications quickly. These are anticipated to grow rapidly popular by the end of this year. Due to this, a new set of young developers have come to the forefront who are developing applications in a jiffy. Low-codes have it easy to build apps and hence anyone with patience and enthusiasm can build one. It has become quite an open platform with the help of these new tools.

Low-codes are practically doing everything that a developer requires doing in mobile app development. These tools do everything from integration to data management and from configuring business logic tools to emphasizing on drag and drop elements. Precisely, they are taking care of everything. In a report published by Forrester Research Wave, titled Low-Code Development Platforms, Q2 2016, the fact has been emphasized by stating that “bring people in to the development organization and rapidly drive innovation and compete with the unicorns.” with the launch of these new set of tools, the so-called ‘citizen developers’ will be able to take advantage of IT services.

In fact, experts believe that this has happened at the best time. Due to the shortage of good quality software developers, hiring had practically become difficult. Moreover, such professionals are in high demand in the mobile sector. The demand for mobile app developers is on a steady rise and by 2020 the industry will be worth $101 billion. Are the low-code platforms really coming to the rescue? Well, let us find the answer.

The Mass

Developing desktop applications is easier whereas the ones developed for mobile platforms are difficult. This holds true for certain aspects like connectivity, data storage and user interface. These differ from platform to platform thus making development more demanding. However, with the launch of these new set of tools many non-pros are capable of developing mobile apps. Particularly young people who are enthusiastic about learning and implementing new things can use the tools to create apps.

Joining Hands

Many companies have experienced that young developers are leading the pack adeptly. Some companies did not clearly know about the pace of low-code development and hence were experiencing difficulty which compelled them to change. These companies, no wonder, are spending time and energy on organizational change management instead of training on new age tools. Ideally, a business person should be teamed with a developer to derive some knowledge from each other who will work in tandem to derive the biggest advantages. There is a cool term for it also, BizDevOps.

Best of Both Worlds

Oracle, when talked about the low-code structure, had only the nontechnical business user in mind but now with its cloud-based Project Visual Code, it has also roped in technical users. Now, they expect pro developers to use the codes and also enrich them with back-end systems and other complicated integration. It is a full-spectrum tool at the end of the day. No code has become a reality, but developers need a more flexible platform to delve deep into the matter.

Wider Horizons- According to many CTOs from various IT companies, low-code has become a trend in IT industry. It provides amazing speed with ease of development and thus techies are loving it as well when delivering fast results. Some companies are offering add-ons with the low-code development technique to take into customizations. In future, the low-code needs to shed the restriction of just being the platform for citizen developer. It needs to graduate into an open platform for enterprise and DevOps environment.

Thus, with all its positive and negative points, low-code has been accepted in mainstream mobile application development by pros as well as novices. However, it is expected to overcome certain limitations regarding its capacity to reach its full potential. Several big companies are hopeful about it.


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