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Let Your Creative Juices Flow with Stickers and Hands-Free Video

Can you imagine dancing or moving colorful stickers on your photo posted on a social media platform and the fun it will add to the entire story behind your photo? Being creative and adding a context to your story has never been more fun than using stickers from applications. All of us have a story teller inside us which is waiting to arrive at forefront to impress the world. Yes, you can conquer the world with sheer creativity and stun them through your way of storytelling by using stickers and hands-free video recording.

Getting Creative is Really Easy

Creativity is a significant word and you can let your creative juices flow and implement that creativity with the help of using stickers. Simply tap on a button on the social media platform to use the tools making your story really interesting. Couple of fun things to achieve with this feature is:

  • Resizing stickers-wow! You can adjust the size of a picture according to your wish.
  • Multiple ones– this is best for them who are really passionate about letting the world know about their experience. Use multiple stickers to add more zing to the narrative suiting your mood.
  • Customizing feature- perfect for those who are particular about telling their story in their own fashion, this feature really opens up lots of possibilities and come up with various perspectives on a single narrative.
  • Set location– this is cool because you can post from the location itself making it fun, more relatable. Also, it gives a clear idea about the place for future travelers.
  • Weather stickers- somewhat similar to the location feature, the weather smiley provides information on the weather of the location aiding others planning to go on a vacation at the same place sometime later.

Twin Sibling of Stickers

Another feature which is the twin sibling to the one mentioned above is the hands-free video recording. This is even simpler than the other one because the user needs to use a single switch on button to record a nice video. Just tap and choose hands-free and it starts. This provides freedom of movement and your hands are free to be used in any way. No need to hand hold the smart phone; simply go around recording videos for your story and post them to share your experience and become popular.


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