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Ingenious Trends in Software Development for Enhanced Customer Experience

2016 was the year of new beginnings for software development whereas 2017 is the year for those new beginnings to move a step further by reinforcing the use of those trends. Features like predictive analytics, AI-infused solutions, cloud offerings and much more have become an integral part of operations across industries. All these help companies to become more connected with their users at a personal level. All these are considered to be smart solutions which will become standard tools across industries to bridge the gap between technology and humans.

Smart Apps are King

Internet of Things have loaded the companies huge information which they do not know how to use. Smart apps will aid in deriving insights from this huge amount of data. These insights help in serving customers in a better way. With the increasing popularity of chatbots, the use of smart apps is increasing. These bots are intelligent and have provided the customer base with an effective channel of communication. These bots are cognitive as they can make sense of facial expressions, human emotions and skill sets. The challenge in software development is to integrate and manage the host of different IoT data at a pace that matches innovation. Also, this will require an advanced level of expertise.

Powerful Data

Data is powerful and all sorts of industries believe in it now. The advanced predictive analytics tools facilitate industries to measure the past as well as learn lessons from earlier interactions. With the help of these, they can formulate a road map for future decisions. The role of data analysts and data scientists will become ever more important.

Platform as a service (PaaS) Assumes a Bigger Position

Security in cloud function will be the biggest concern in 2017. The cloud has become the chosen and most accessible model for the highly mobile and remote workforce. PaaS solutions will become the key accelerators of a different level of cloud growth. The cloud provides a simple, easily accessible platform for users to run and manage applications remotely. Companies will depend on PaaS-based solutions to develop complex solutions with predictive analytics based on Artificial Intelligence.

Consumer in the Lead

Digitally focused and consumer based market in 2017 has made customer experience vital to online businesses. The experience will be a combination of digital technology in business environment and consumer world. In the new year intelligent apps will assist in making performance easy in office. Combining robotic process automation along with cognitive learning will deliver market solutions that will be highly personal.

Thus, a number of large companies are using smart technology solutions to help business users as well as consumers. The new generation of applications are using exciting new solutions which are more like problem resolution. The smart technology trends for the new year will take the initiatives to live up to the users experience and also take it beyond that.


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