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Google Allo

Informative Facts on the Newest Instant Messaging Google Allo

After the ruling drift of instant messaging applications like “WhatsApp”, “Tango”, etc., it is obvious that anything new will be received with full-on contest. Google Allo, the latest attachment in this domain is of no difference either. It got vastly reviewed by best of the best experts in domain and received both appreciation and disapproval by end-users of this age.

May 18th 2016 was the day and date when Google I/O came forward with the announcement of its latest application mentioned above. However, it was later launched on September 21st and the world came to know its impressive features which are:

  • “Respond without typing, in your style.”
  • Allows virtual assistance for the conversation
  • “Smart Reply” option is really smart
  • Choice of “Whisper Shout” is to assist you with increasing or decreeing the message size
  • Lateral encryption is available with its incognito mode
  • Message retention
  • Ability to chat one-on-one with the supportive assistance of “Google Assistant” by simply typing “@google”
  • Capable to share videos, images and more
  • If situations occur when words are of no help, array of stickers available would be of ample aid
  • Facility of doodling and adding text on images as per need and the list continues

With such facts and features attached, it is quite evidential that it would receive paramount appreciation among end-users across the globe. However, the safety matters may take some more time to be of best kind. Ideally available for iOS and Android Smartphone only, we hope to see its presence among all the other technically updated devices too. Yet another downbeat aspect of this mobile application is that, there is no option to settle with video chatting. Combined all these positive and muted features is becomes understandable that, trying out Google Allo is a mediocre deal.


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