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SEO Friendly Mobile Web Design

Important Points to Remember for SEO Friendly Mobile Web Design

In today’s generation, as the number of smartphone users have increased, the use of smartphones when searching for information has also increased considerably. This trend is not going to end sooner and therefore to get ahead from the competition, websites must be optimized for mobile devices too for better SEO visibility and increased traffic. This will help in achieving the primary goals of any business – successful conversion, and Return on Investment (ROI).

Here are some important tips that you need to follow to make your website SEO friendly.


Page Load Speed

Page load speed is a major issue that hampers user experience a lot when browsing through a mobile device. Though the content provided in a particular website may be useful to the users, but if the page load speed is very slow, then the users will not wait for the page to open and shift to other websites. E-Commerce websites are the most affected if the page load speed is not fast. This also increases the bounce rate of the website. Therefore, it is important to reduce the time of loading a web page. This helps in increasing the mobile engagement thus affecting the traffic inflow in a positive way.

There are a number of ways to improve page load speed of a website. These are:

  • Compressing large images
  • Javascript and CSS minification
  • Using browser caching for logos and important images
  • Minimizing HTTP redirects

The average load speed for mobile web pages is less than 3 seconds. Therefore, improve the page speed and see a considerable boost in your website traffic and conversion.

Use of Pop-ups

Pop-ups, if used perfectly, can help in generating more traffic as well as reducing bounce rate of a website considerably. But it can also hamper the user experience and thus get penalized by Google if not used properly. For example, if we are reading a piece of content in a mobile and a big pop-up shows up above the content for signing up for newsletters or availing any other service, it reduces user experience and the user is forced to dismiss the pop-up and read the content. Sometimes the user may not visit the page for a second time due to the pop-ups. This reduces the flow of traffic and increase the bounce rate as well. Due to these problems, Google, in their January 10 algorithm update had announced that it will penalize business that use intrusive pop-ups in their content. Therefore, it is to be noted that pop-ups can be used only if it is necessary and benefit the users. Otherwise, do not use them.

Smooth Navigation and Scrolling

Touch screen navigation and scrolling is another important department that needs to be looked upon to improve user experience. If the user cannot properly access the menu buttons to visit the inner pages or face problems while scrolling from top to bottom using their fingers, the user may not visit the website for the second time.

Proper Optimization of Meta Title & Description

Proper optimization of meta title and description is very much important from the SEO perspective as the meta title and description is the primary information of any website that is displayed in the search engine result pages. For optimizing in case of mobile websites, Google has increased the character limit for meta title to 78 characters. But it is advisable to stick to the original character limit of 70 characters, as further extension of the title can get curtailed in the search results. Also for the meta description, it is advised to keep the information under 130 characters. Proper keywords are also required to be used when writing the meta title and description for increased visibility and search.

Responsive Web Design with Clear CTA

When it comes to responsive web design for mobiles, always remember to keep it simple and not over the top. Choosing an extravagant design as well as crowding a web page with unnecessary information harms the overall user experience a lot. Therefore, always opt for a simple web design with a lesser number of menus and most importantly, a clear call to action (CTA) button allowing users to easily take the necessary action such as purchasing any product or contacting the business owner. Also remember to design the contact forms for mobile viewing and use HTML5 input types that will select the proper keyboard for execution.

These are some of the important tips that you need to follow to make your mobile web design SEO friendly and improve traffic and conversion rate. Therefore, you need to focus on website design not only for desktop, but also for mobile devices too.


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