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How You Should Place Contents on Your Website

It is paramount that you need to have authentic as well as attractive contents on your blog and websites. Google hugely appreciates the sites with valuable and informative contents that are not copied from anywhere else. It signifies that quality contents not only rewards your website but also boosts the ranking of your site. Content is one of the leading ways you can reach your audiences and the higher quality content it is, the more people you can contact.

The must-have characteristics of your Home Page Content-

Keep text to a minimum when it comes to your mission statement, because you should be writing things so people can skim we all have short attention spans. Depending on your business, you should have a few things on your website that fall into the realm of information.

  • Your Home Page contents should be informative not generic
  • The contents should complement the images of the page
  • Use Alt Tags
  • Stay away from making your Home Page information-heavy
  • Use catchy and attractive tag lines
  • Focus on your specialty
  • Keep font size for paragraph text between 10 and12 pts

Content placement for About Us Page-

It is the About Us Page that visitors go for deriving extra information about the company and its background. Start telling your story the moment people land on your site. At a minimum, write brief summaries emphasizing a few impressive facts. As people click through the main pages they should gain a fuller understanding of who you are, what you do, and why you exist. This is also an ideal location for information such as annual or corporate reports, important business practices and descriptions of other items that fall under the umbrella of the company.

  • Offer detail information about your team
  • Let the visitors know about your Mission & Vision of your company in this page
  • If you are putting images of your projects or something else, try to offer a story along with them
  • Make your about page a feast for the eyes by considering the use of photos, timelines, videos or infographics

Inner Pages Content-

Every website is different especially on their inner pages. There is no hard and fast rule for writing contents on the inner pages. For a general, rule it is better to keep product specific or service specific contents on your inner pages. There is not much room for the written contents in the inner page, so try to give only the product related information directly in it. If you are putting product or service related descriptions in it, make sure it is exact, to the point and not over-elaborative. Make your visitors understand what they can expect from you within a few words so that they can take swift decision. If the product description paragraphs are lengthy, the actual service you offer may get conceal. So keep it SHORT and keep it STRAIGHT.

Update your Blog Page regularly-

It is the blog page section of your website where you can have the liberty to pack it with bulk contents. Publish blogs and articles on a regular basis. Apart from the topics related to your business, make sure you are also writing about various topics that are not directly involved with your business but have some sort of connection. For instance, if you run an online jewelry shop, there is no compulsion that you only have to write about the jewelry. You can give the users tips on the various outfits, fashion trends and about the jewelry that celebs prefer. Make your topic interesting and engaging. Brush up on your SEO skills to optimize each blog post and drive valuable search engine traffic to your site.

Conclusion- Remember that content is not the KING, it is the QUEEN, that has to be beautiful and attractive to the users. The moment someone visits your side, make him fall in love with the queen or contents.


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