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How You Should Launch Your First Flagship iOS Gaming App

iPhone games such as Hitman GO, Super Mario Run, Legend of Grimrock, Ridiculous Fishing, Alto’s Adventure and others have seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past couple of years. The edge-to-edge display, amazing touch and incredible compatibility of the iPhone handsets are simply fantastic and turn iPhone mobiles a magnificent gaming device for the users.

By far the most popular category in the iPhone app store is games. The average price of a paid game in Apple’s App Store is $2.24 that makes iOS game development more financially rewarding for you. But the market is flooded with millions of games, so how can you make your presence felt in this competitive market? We are here to help you out with some of the spectacular iPhone game development ideas worth watching out.

  • Think out of the box-

It would absolutely foolish as well as counterproductive if you blindly follow an existing and popular app. Of course, you can take motivation from others but do come up with your own iPhone app idea for the game.

  • Research the app market-

It would be highly beneficial for you to research the app market. Closely figure out the trend of the popular apps, why users are liking them, what could be there next preference and what are the unique features they are expecting from an upcoming app. Do your research and come out with a full proof plan.

  • Select top talents to build your iPhone gaming app-

It is highly important that you have a selected a highly professional group of iPhone mobile app developers for realizing your app idea. First and foremost, it’s imperative that the development company can hear your idea, understand your needs and create a game to your specifications and budget. Expertise to develop games for all genres like action, adventure, puzzle, arcade, sports, racing, multiplayer games, etc. is paramount.

The Development Process of iPhone Games

  • The first big choice is in the development platform. If you only intend to develop for the iPhone and the iPad, Apple’s Swift programming language makes the most sense.
  • Select the layout that is perfect for your game and finalize it and these include mainly the game objects, background, sound effects, and animations.
  • Once your app is ready you can submit it to Apple via iTunes Connect. Apple has this comprehensive guide to submitting apps.You sign up for iTunes Connect separately from the Apple Developer Membership.

Gaming tTools for iOS Platform-

SceneKit and SpriteKit: For creating power-efficient and high-performance 2D and 3D games with amazing graphics, SceneKit and SpriteKi are the best choice.

FMOD, Fabric and AstoundSound: Inorder to create the best music and sounds for your iPhone game, FMOD, Fabric and AstoundSound are ideal.

iTorque, Sparrow, Unity, Corona SDK: Nowadays, you could make use of fabulous iOS game engines. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. iTorque, Sparrow, Unity, Corona SDK are the engines you can opt for.

Once your mobile app is ready, next big thing is to market it in the most comprehensive way. For suggestions and advice, you could seek help from the digital marketing experts.


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