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Google Updates

Google Updates to Increase Trust on Online Business Organizations

Google keeps on releasing new updates and it also keeps on innovating on a number of things to provide better user experience. Recently it implemented innovative steps for measuring store visits. The search giant will measure the number of visits in Adwords. Along with providing store visit details to new advertisers, Google will also be able to report on more store visits for those advertisers who are already using the store visit insights. This will obviously be made available to advertisers from all over the world. Since it had introduced store visit measurements during 2015, Google has kept on improving on the store visit measurements. It just wants to come up with the best service it can provide to billions of users using this feature.

Google has taken certain steps to make the mechanism more accurate. The steps are:

  • Additional Data- The best part about Google is that it is providing accurate results after considering all the factors like machine learning, mapping and survey quality. Google Adwords is now taking into account more factors than it used to previously. By using all of those, it is coming with the most accurate results.
  • Advanced Mapping Initiatives- Mapping technology to track the exact location of businesses has been improved by Google. The store visit measurement technology uses better measures to track the exact physical location of a business organization. This was achieved through refreshed imagery from Google Earth and Google Street View. The recent advanced technology scans the Wi-Fi strength inside the buildings to find out the true locations.
  • Deep Learning Models- Google’s mapping efficiency and store visit measurement is based on deep learning models. These models will enable the business organizations to gauge their store visits in remote areas which include business cluster locations and also multi-storied malls with several stores at one place.
  • Manual Verification Technique- Google is using data which the customers have provided during surveys done on various businesses. This data is used to improve the machine learning models. Google is capable of providing reports on increasing number of store visits.

Since customer reviews play an important part in a business’ goodwill, Google is also providing a new way to gain their confidence. Google is discarding its Trusted Stores Program and taking up verified customer reviews. Customer reviews is not exactly a new program on Google repertoire. People could leave their reviews for different businesses which were known as Google Reviews.

How is Google Reviews Distinct from Customer Reviews?

For customer reviews, only purchasers could provide reviews after using a product from an online store. This asks for a legit customer and also an online business store. Therefore, it is verified. Whereas, Google reviews could be left for any kind of business and those could be technically left by anyone, not necessarily a customer who used a product from that particular store.

There is more in store for verified customer reviews. With such reviews the participating business houses can customize the appearance of their badge and receive in-depth insight. They can also use better account management tools through these reviews. Google does not charge anything for this service. The business house will require a Merchant Center account to participate in the process. The sign-up process is quick and it allows businesses to have customers choose to receive an email survey after they have purchased a product. The survey is devised to provide review on the entire buying experience. Whatever data is gathered, it will be used for creating a seller rating for the corresponding Merchant account.

The ratings will be displayed on Google Shopping, the merchant’s website and also AdWords text ads. Google states that the display of seller ratings will enhance the ad’s click through rate by almost 10%. These reviews have been made available to countries like Germany, United States, France, Australia, japan and UK.

Getting an Account

Getting a merchant account is fairly easy. In only 4 steps, any business house can get an account. The steps are:

  • Sign-up for a Merchant Account
  • Select “Merchant Center Programs” from the dropdown menu
  • Click on “Get Started” in Google Customer Reviews card and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Incorporate the survey opt-in code to your website.

Once the opt-in code has been added, the merchant can also add the badge code to be displayed on the relevant business website. The badge will include the seller rating which will be displayed on your account indicating verified customer reviews. Thus, Google is endeavoring to make online transaction safer and much more transparent.


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