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Blackberry updates

Exciting New Blackberry Updates for Smartphone Users

Blackberry adopts Android as its operating system and the company is working towards enhancing its security features. In order to enhance their security, Blackberry is introducing new apps along with launching updates to the existing ones. A new app known as the Privacy Shade has been launched last month along with some updates to the existing applications. Michael Clewley, the Director of Software Product Management said on the company blog:

“Privacy Shade will let you read emails, messages and personal content at any time without worrying about snoopers, even if someone is looking over your shoulder. The app allows you to view private information in public places — like on the train or in a restaurant — by obscuring the parts of the screen that you’re not actively viewing or using, while still allowing you to interact with the obscured parts.”

Visual hacking is a serious problem and this needs to be tackled properly by phone manufacturers and also OS manufacturers used in the phone.

Privacy Shade- The New App

Privacy Shade, as the name suggests, is an app which will block anyone from looking into the screen. This is quite a unique application which lets the user control the area of the screen the user is viewing thus enabling block out of everything else. However, it will still allow you to interact with the entire screen. By block you do not obviously mean blocking out the screen physically, you have to block it out virtually. The phone adjusts the transparency of the screen to adjust the lighting conditions so that people are unable to see the phone screen for most parts.

The lighting condition must be adjusted according to the place you are in. When you have made the adjustment as a user, the app exposes the area on which you are typing or reading or doing some other activity; other area except for the active area will remain dark.

Additional Updates

Apart from Privacy Shade, Blackberry has also released other exciting apps using the Android operating system. They have released an app known as BlackBerry Hub which adds dual-SIM support for Blackberry smartphones. This is a great news for Blackberry users because earlier it used to support single SIM card slot. The company has also launched features for Kik and Telegram along with Android Wear Notifications, Contacts and DTEK.

Blackberry was a closed platform earlier and only a select few people used the smartphone. However, after its merger with Android, it has become way more open for users using smartphones. Kik and Telegram are popular messaging services for mobile devices. Updates for these messaging platforms will enable users to automatically cc: or bcc: a message. This amazingly makes message sending easier for the users. According to Clewley, the settings can be applied to individual accounts as well.

The update for Android Wear Notifications will enable the users to read and delete Hub items through Wear Devices with Hub+ notifications. Another feature has also been added for finding and linking duplicate contacts. This feature will help in decluttering the phone. As for DTEK, which is Blackberry’s security application, users will receive a notification if an OS Integrity issue is detected ever.

Thus, with all these exciting Blackberry Android updates will become more user-friendly and more advanced technologically too.


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