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Angular JS 4 – The Latest JavaScript Upgrade from Google

Angular JS is the most popular JavaScript framework used by developers all around the world. The brainchild of Google, it is also considered to be the big daddy of JavaScript and was first released in 2009. The Angular ecosystem exploded in a big way and also developed beyond imagination. It boasts of incorporating the biggest network of web developers working on Single Page Web Applications.

Since its release, Angular JS has seen lot of updates which is quite common for Google. It has been updated thrice before updating it the 4th time which came out in January 2017. Angular continued to be the popular open source framework through the years for developers. Now Angular 4 has brought some new features by updating Angular 2.

What is New?

Lot of new features have been added to the 4th version of Angular JS. Some of the features were added under the common category while some were added under the compiler category. Also, some were added to the language-service, forms, https, whereas others were added to the router, testing, platform browser categories. All these new features will consolidate work and make it more efficient and fast. Developers all around the world are finding it to be the best open source framework. However, developers are still awaiting the updated version to be released especially after knowing what all they are getting from Angular JS 4.

Angular 4 beta version is even more awaited by the developer fraternity because Google did not release the 3rd version, but it is directly launching the 4th version in an initiative of huge leap. The updated version will be launched in March 2017. This move was a well planned one because Google wanted to release it along with the router for Angular JS. This version will constitute 8 beta releases and that will be done between December and February. A responsible official from Google advised that the framework be called Angular and asked to omit the version anyway. This is a good way to release people from the confusion of referring to it in numbers.

Possible Release Dates

Google is not releasing it arbitrarily. They have planned to release it in 3 cycles. They schedule is:

· Patch releases each week

· A gap of 3 months after a major release during which a minor release will take place.

· A major release will take place every 6 months with an easily navigable change

Another anticipated news coming with the tentative release of Angular 4 is that Google will release the 5th version also by September or October this year. It is on an aggressive release spree and Angular 6 and 7 could also be expected by the end of next year. Hence, the omission of numbers has been proposed by the Google official. However, the next few months will be dedicated to finalizing the latest version.

The updated Angular JS version is transparent, incremental and evolutionary. The biggest goal of version 4 is to be compatible with version so that the compile errors can be reduced. The upgrade plan also involves moving to TypeScript 2.1 which implies breaking changes. A minor upgraded version was released which was named as Angular 2.3 involving changes in Language Service. This upgrade checks for errors in Angular Templates. It already comes with compilation compatibility which is ahead of time.

Thus, this is one among the most awaited releases in Google’s open source frameworks. The upgrade will provide lot of useful features for developers and will come in a consistent schedule. In fact, Google will continue the upgrade and keep the developers on toe.


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