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Android Nougat Latest Updates

Android Nougat Latest Update Making Smartphones Smarter

Android has launched its new and updated OS in the form of Android 7 Nougat. As usual with them, they keep updating their Operating Systems (OS) so that the electronic devices become more user-friendly. The latest update in the form of 7.1.2 was released long back for users with better features and fixed bugs for various mobile phones using the Android OS. Now, it has been made available to the general public through phones after leaving the beat version. Google promises that the Android Nougat latest update will solve many user issues and the phones will be even smarter.

The updates along with bug fixes will be released for Pixel and Pixel L now and later will be available for other devices. People using this particular device will get an update anytime starting from now. Google has announced that this updated version will have new and improved features along with better performance and device stability. The update will offer better battery alert, improved Bluetooth connectivity and better fingerprint swipe performance. In fact, the notorious problem of audio cracking and early shutdown along with pink stripes on camera lens have all been rectified in this version.

Originally, Android 7.0 Nougat was released in August last year. However, the improved version was released of late. Google along with releasing the updated version has also mentioned that the devices in which it has been made available, might face issues like crash of Pixel launcher or occasional hanging of User Interface. The Wi-Fi connection may cause trouble while device-to-device transfer and a black screen between boot animation and Setup Wizard may also appear causing hindrance to its performance. Under such circumstances, the updates can be uninstalled by visiting Google’s website.

The Nougat update 7.1.2 has been rolled out on 3rd April for all those who were looking forward to using it. This beat version already provides an update in the form of VoLTE facilitation for users. The previous version did not support VoLTE. The distribution of Android phones have accelerated with the new version.

The Latest Features of Android Nougat

Android Nougat offers several new features, some absolutely new and some updates from the existing ones which have excited the users of Android mobile phones. Security, productivity and performance updates are present in the latest version. File-based encryptions and seamless updates will appear in the latest version. The following are the new features of Android Nougat:

  • Information on App OriginThe menu will contain information on the origin of an app which will help you to find out whether the app was installed from Play Store or via APK. This will also help in solving problems related to app troubles.
  • Native VR SupportNative VR (virtual reality) support has been introduced in the Android Nougat version. Daydream which is a mobile platform for virtual reality comes with a set of specifications which meet with the compatibility regime. Several manufacturers are making Daydream-ready devices including big shot companies.
  • Improved Google Now LauncherThe Google Now Launcher has 2 new improvements. First is that while dragging apps from home screen additional options like ‘remove/cancel’ will appear on screen and secondly, the pinch gesture on home screen appears for overview page.
  • Menu within System SettingsA hamburger menu appears embedded into the system settings. For instance, when a user is working on Bluetooth menu, he/she can jump to other system options using the left side menu. This menu is already existing in other Google applications.
  • Cat Emoji Under Nougat EasterThe Easter Egg appears more colorful with a sign of cat below the Nougat logo. However, you have to fetch it from Settings by repeatedly tapping on the Android version. Pressing and holding the ‘N’ should help you to see a cat emoji.
  • Reply from Notification BarThis is one of most awaited features in Android Nougat. Users can now reply to messages from the notification bar. This is making phone usage easy because users will not have to switch on apps every time they want to answer to their messages.
  • Boosted Doze ModeDoze is the energy saving mode in Android phones. This feature worked only when the phone was sleeping and had been laid undisturbed for a prolonged time in earlier versions. In Android Nougat it will also be used to save battery when the screen if off.
  • New Panel for NotificationsThe notification panel has been entirely revamped which perfectly aligns with earlier leaks. The icons are completely visible above the notification while there is a drop-down toggle far right that expands the panel.
  • Multi-Window FacilityToggle between multiple open windows with the help of this feature. It helps in apps running smoothly.

All these features that appear in Android Nougat 7.0 will help in the phone running smoothly. Some of these features will make operating a smartphone a truly rewarding experience.


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