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Accelerated Mobile Pages Providing the Best Experience for Users on Mobile Platform

The AMP or the Accelerated Mobile Pages project is considered to be the future of binding the world web together. It is an open-source initiative aiming to provide better web experience to all the users. Under this project, websites and advertisements can be created in a faster and more beautiful manner which will also be driven by quality and high-performance across multiple platforms. AMP is known to provide more engagement on the part of the user through web pages and ads published in the AMP open source format. This also reduces the load time to provide better and faster user experience which is also more engaging and valuable both on desktop and mobile platforms.

AMP also provides more flexibility and results in terms of empowering publishers and advertisers to decide on their content and also decide on the technology used by the vendors. These along with a focus on maintaining and improving key performance indicators is the basic objective of Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Why AMP?

In order to answer this question, we will need to find out the benefits it provides. Google and other publishers and technology partners announced the introduction of AMP in October 2015 to basically solve the speed issues on mobile web. Since, this was one of the major concerns in the world wide web, AMP showed rapid growth providing the best solution for many. It currently includes 860,000 domains and more than 1.7 billion AMP pages in the Google search index and also over 35 million pages added each week. Apart from these, 10,000 developers have also engaged themselves with the project which is definitely good news. A majority of the big shot names are also using AMP to achieve their business results. Some of the big names include LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Bing and many more.

What is Google’s Role in this Project?

Speeding up the page loading process on mobile phones will definitely help the businesses to gain more visibility. Mobile phones have become the closest device to people and its upsurge has been phenomenal as we have noticed over the last decade. Since, the majority of the world population uses mobile phones and most of the searches are taking place through this device, speed has become the key factor in pleasing the users. Loading fast by taking less time and being properly referenced by search engines has become extremely important for mobile phones. An important piece of information affecting this directly is that “about 53% of visitors abandon a website that takes over 3 seconds to load.”

AMP has solved this issue for speed which can be applied uniformly to all platforms. Moreover, AMP pages can be built only once and published everywhere simultaneously. Accelerated Mobile Pages work well on all supported platforms. In addition to enhancing speed, AMP is also helping to make better advertisements for websites. AMP built ads mean that they will be faster. Also, server requests can be managed smartly and ads have also become more secured and free from malware. Following are the improvements offered by AMP for publishers:

  • It fetches the smartest content to be displayed on a page and that too automatically. The smartest content will obviously be more visible and thus will be loaded faster than the ones that are less smart. AMP pages have a predetermined size thus there will be no need to wait until all the images have been loaded prior to displaying the page.
  • The page design will be automatically responsive leading to optimal viewing. The design will also facilitate interactive user experience across a huge range of devices. The most appropriate image will be downloaded depending on the screen resolution.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages offer excellent user experience. Since, iframes slow down pages, AMP needs iframe content to load asynchronously as well as simultaneously. Moreover, there is no place for nested scrolling components.

Benefits for Advertisers:

  • 80% more ad visibility
  • AMP ads are almost six times faster and 3 times lighter
  • With AMP ads there is 90% increase in CTR

Best Practices

Websites need to load fast and also save bandwidth while loading. If you want your website to be viewed by a huge number of users, then it must be open source, mobile-friendly and finally user-friendly. Technology should be open to being updated and enhanced for better use. Also, developers need to optimize their code and reduce them if required and focus on optimizing the bandwidth to fetch the best content for the user.

Thus, AMP was introduced and is used to provide the best user experience through mobile platform which has become everyone’s favorite platform currently.


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