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A Complete Info on the Upcoming NativeScript Improvements

NativeScript is a cross-platform JavaScript framework can be used to build native iOS and Android apps without web views. NativeScript offers JavaScript access to the user interface, native APIs and rendering engines of Android and iOS mobile app development. This open source framework is designed to give developers significant code reuse between their web and mobile tiers.

Supported Platforms:

With the NativeScript CLI, you can target the following mobile platforms.

  • iOS 7.0 or later stable official release
  • Android 4.2 or a later stable official release

The latest addition in the NativeScript-

Recently, in order to streamline the development process, starter templates have been integrated into it. The templates come under the enhancements made to the platform. The starter templates are the part of NativeScript Sidekick that is introduced in the last week. The maker of the NativeScript, Progress Software provides Sidekick as a free download.

Following are the items contains in the Sidekick:

  • Debugging Support
  • Plugins
  • Cloud Builds

Upcoming improvements that you may see in the NativeScript-

(A) The augmented reality feature works for iOS 11 in NativeScript and the work is going on to make it available for Android mobile app development. The idea is to make the augmented reality feature available for iOS as well as for Android platform.

(B) Code-sharing process is in the development stage. It will make it easier for the developers to share codes between web and mobile app. According to the estimation of Progress Software, they will migrate around 80 percent web code.

(C) NativeScript v3.4 will be made available in Dec 2017 that may include the following feature-

  1. Android Studio support for NativeScript projects
  2. Marketplace improvements – plugins self-verification tool, app templates, authors page
  3. Android Gradle build improvements
  4. Sample apps
  5. Ahead-of-time CSS parsing
  6. Chrome DevTools Debugger for iOS
  7. Playground improvements – add files to workspace, step-by-step tutorial, more UI components
  8. Nested page navigation (NativeScript core only)

(D) The company is also planning to make Vue.js support the framework exactly the way Angular is supported. At the end of 2017, developers can find Vue.js is enabled with NativeScript. The new NativeScript playground will be a browser-based sandbox for making experiment with-

  1. NativeScript and Angular
  2. JavaScript
  3. TypeScript
  4. Vue.js

(E) A brand new NativeScript Marketplace of plugins for NativeScript applications, that has a new class of “verified” NativeScript plugins that meet certain standards for superior quality.

The new features will surely make the app development for both the platforms iOS and Android a seamless process. Mobile app developers all over the world are looking forward for the latest version of NativeScript framework.


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